7 Reasons To Have a Healing Session to Assist Your Fertility Journey

It’s so important to be the best version of ourselves before bringing children into our worlds. You’re not just birthing them into THE world, you’re birthing them into YOUR world, your life, your drama, your patterns, your karma. Have a look at your life. Would a child be happy there? Would they be loved, nourished, cared for and all their needs met? It’s a big concept to consider. Most of us can barely care for ourselves and then we throw our little Spirit babies into our chaos. 

On your fertility journey, just as you would go to your health care professionals and take your vitamins, you also need to care for your energetic health. This encompasses your mental, emotional and spiritual health, and all the pain, anguish and trauma that is held in the hologram of your cells. Not only your cells, but this hologram can be passed down the genetic line to your children and your children’s children. 

Here are 7 common clearings I help my patients with along their parenthood journey:

1. Clearing childhood trauma – Your experience as a child heavily impacts the kind of parent you are going to be. One of the great things about healing your wounds is that it won’t get passed down to your children. The same way your genetic health conditions get passed to your children, your trauma is also passed down through holograms in your DNA. Another important aspect of healing your childhood trauma is working through your mother and father wounds. These wounds impact who we are as people, how we parent ourselves and how we will parent our children. An example of these parental wounds would be if a parent wasn’t present, there could be an abandonment wound which heavily impacts our connection with others even when we love them dearly, and also impacts our patterns of self abandonment. Another example could be a parent who was abusive or very authoritarian. Sometimes this causes people to lose confidence, trust in themselves, and be unable to cultivate their own inner authority. Commonly this authoritarian trait is either rebelled or repeated when it comes to raising your own children (unfortunately, without a barometer for what is actually healthy). 

2. Clearing your own birth story – Whether you have been told the story or not, your Spirit has access to every thing that eventuated the day you were born – how you were feeling, how your mother was feeling, who else was in the room, how the birthing process went, and all the thought and fears of all present. If your mother was scared or endured a traumatic birth, these can be caught in your subconscious as a belief that birth is unsafe and scary. Particularly if you were in pain yourself, you will prevent yourself from being back in that experience to keep yourself safe. It is interesting to view this moment as a Spirit, because although you are a baby, you are a wise little soul who picks up on thoughts, decisions and beliefs, for example, you can pick up on the energy of judgement from family members, or pick up abandonment issues if your mother feels unsupported or your father isn’t present. 

3. Clearing hereditary issues around birth/motherhood – As I mentioned earlier, trauma can be passed down the genetic line. So even if your own birth story was quite unremarkable, we can still take on pain, fear or beliefs from our ancestors. And not only to do with birth stories, also our ancestor’s experiences as mothers. For thousands of years women have been living in a patriarchal society. A society that does not celebrate them, value them or revere in the enormity and magic of bringing a Spirit earth side. Still to this day, mothers face so many hardships raising their children. It’s important to clear these hardships from the ancestral line so that you (and your daughters) do not need to carry or repeat these pains, such as – burden, resentment, losing yourself, self doubt, abandonment, single parent struggles, rejection from community.

4. Clearing fears – Fear is such a strong frequency. When we are on the fertility journey there can be some overwhelming fears that get in our way, such as – fear of infertility, fear of miscarriage, fear of birth complications or trauma, fears of inadequacy as a parent, etc. Our emotions create vibrations and frequencies in our energetic field. The law of vibration teaches us – like attracts like. The external field (the universe) seeks to match our vibrational frequency. What does this mean? If we have a fear of not being good enough for instance, the universe will bring us people, life upsets, or experiences that will reflect and strengthen this frequency. 

5. Clearing relationship issues before bringing in a child – Children are a blessing. But there is no denying, raising a little human puts so much pressure and strain on a relationship. How is your relationship currently? Has your fertility journey negatively impacted your relationship? Has sex become a chore? Is there underlying resentment, contempt, or guilt to one partner for their infertility issues? Has intimacy gone out the window after your physical and sexual health has been clinically under the microscope? Or is there general fighting or bickering? My advice to any couple before bringing a child into the world, is to work on yourselves and the relationship first. Any unmet needs or underlying issues will be amplified in the first year of your child’s life as you are navigating new territory on very little sleep and personal space. 

6. Clearing emotional pain from past miscarriages and/or abortions – A lot of women, and families, suffer in silence when it comes to miscarriages and abortions. In general our society encourages people who are strong and keep pushing forward. This is good for NO ONE, (we maybe except your boss who doesn’t have to pay sick days). We need to feel our emotions! When we sit with our emotions and feel them, we are able to process them and move through them. Although some of us have ingrained coping mechanisms to disassociate, numb, or push feelings deep down – your conscious mind might think you’re doing ok, but your body does not forget. All of our pain, grief, anguish, shame, regret, and sadness is sitting deep in our subconscious and energetic field, waiting to be witnessed and purged. We need to clear this, not only for the reason of vibrational law (as I spoke about earlier), but also to relieve ourselves of all of this pain. I work with women of all ages and all stages of their lives, and trust me when I say, the pain of losing a baby isn’t something you can just push away, forget and get over. This pain will resurface, in your mental, emotional or physical health months or years down the track. 

7. Clearing our lost baby’s Spirit – Whether the baby was lost after only a few weeks, or was born sleeping; every baby has a Spirit. Our motherly love, pain or guilt can unconsciously hold onto this baby’s Spirit. This Spirit is trapped in our energetic field until released. It’s important for our energetic health, and the baby’s Spirit’s journey, to be released, and also so that we have the energetic space to call in our new baby’s Spirit. 

Do you resonate with one or maybe a few of those topics? Now if you are already pregnant, or maybe already have kids, it’s not too late. It’s never too late to do the work for them. We can do what I call a surrogate session, to invite the baby’s (or child’s) spirit into the session to clear what is most affecting them. 

These aspects of the fertility journey can seem painful or scary to go into, but from all the people I have worked with, this is not something you will regret, and is surprisingly gentle. The healing that comes from this work is profound, leaving you lighter, relieved, hopeful, and empowered to face all that your journey brings you. 

Jess xx