Japanese Acupuncture


Japanese Acupuncture is a style  that originates from Traditional Chinese Acupuncture but has developed its unique characteristics and techniques over centuries.

Here are some key aspects that define Japanese acupuncture:

Gentle Needling Techniques – Considered to be more gentle and less invasive with thinner needles and shallower insertion.

Palpation-Based Diagnosis: Practitioners of Japanese acupuncture place a strong emphasis on palpation, which involves feeling the patient’s abdomen and other areas to diagnose and determine the treatment strategy. This hands-on approach helps tailor treatments to the individual’s specific condition.

Subtle and Individualised Treatment: Treatments are often more subtle and individualised, reflecting the practitioner’s detailed diagnosis and focus on gentle methods.

Ash utilises Dr. Manaka’s protocols – Blending traditional acupuncture principles with modern scientific understanding. These protocols increase blood circulation and help regulation occur from the deepest levels of health, looking at blood regeneration and adrenal functioning. This technique aims to balance the body’s energy by promoting proper blood flow and addressing imbalances.

Overall, Japanese acupuncture is known for its meticulous and patient-centred approach, aiming to achieve balance and harmony within the body through gentle and precise techniques.

At Spring, Ash Gordon is our amazing Japanese Acupuncturist. You can read more about him here.


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We help couples trying to conceive naturally or with IVF, increase their likelihood of a healthy conception by providing evidence based fertility acupuncture that has been reported in respected medical journals*. Our accredited acupuncturists are also experts in natural pregnancy support as well as the treatment of chronic and acute back pain, digestion issues, stress and anxiety, low moods, insomnia, headaches and migraines.

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