WHEN: FRIDAY, 21st June 2024


TIME: 7:00PM – 8:30PM


TO BOOK, CLICK HERE Group Sessions – Full Moon Circle – Jess Dunn

Our earth’s moon holds the primordial grandmother archetype. She is all-seeing, ever-watching and wise. Whether you physically see her or not, her presence is impactful. Grandmother moon does not judge or criticise. She holds us like the mother, but does not coddle. She sees us for who we are, and without judgment, will shine a light to every facet of our being. Her crone wisdom does not judge us, and yet calls us out – you cannot hide under her gaze. 

These circles are an experience to shine an internal light upon yourself, come back to what is important to you, and realign with your mission. In each ceremony we will use the Grandmother moon wisdom, with the energy of the sign she is currently transiting. Each transit Grandmother moon walks through, she shows us the unique vibration of each astrological sign – the courage of Leo, the depths of Scorpio, the focus of Virgo – each sign holding an intelligence and a frequency for us to tap into. 

We will use the illumination of the full Grandmother moon to cast her gaze upon the areas of our life that need our attention and clarity. Grandmother moon witnesses us, all of us. These circles are a safe space to gather and be held and witnessed in your journey. As we put pen to paper, and paper to fire, we are putting deep intentions into our goals, our life, and ourselves.

During this event you will experience:

  • Healing music throughout the journey
  • Oracle card spread for further clarity
  • Journaling and self reflection prompts
  • A fire ceremony to release what you need to let go of
  • A meditation to guide your spirit into ritual space – these mediations are tailored to the current astrology and the energy that needs to be cleared 

Join us in the 90 minute journey to connect back to yourself and release the blocks that are in the way of your being who you are here to be.

About your host, Jess:

Jess’s wish is for every woman to feel deeply anchored and wildly free. 

Jess is a Holographic Kinetics Practitioner, Intuitive Healer, Human Design Reader, Reiki Master and Tarot Reader. Jess has walked many paths – collecting knowledge and wisdom from multiple modalities to hone her own unique craft. 

Jess has a gift to hold space for the darkest of realities, and will stand with you as you face your fears and trauma. She believes it is genuinely an honor to be able to hear the stories that most people don’t dare speak out loud. 

Jess’s niche areas are –  releasing childhood trauma, sexual abuse, shame, mastering anxiety and shifting karmic patterns.


“I’m here to tell you, this stuff is REAL and it genuinely is miraculous. If you choose to let it (trauma) go and come out the other side with clarity and hope, Jess Dunn is the person to guide you there.”


“Jess has facilitated two moon ceremonies as well as readings for Little Window, and these events have created beautiful space for self-reflection, as well as deeply bonded our team to each other in ways that have made our practice and space feel more vitalised and attuned.”



If there is anything you would like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to reach out via email: info@springacupuncture.com
We look forward to seeing you and introducing you to our beautiful medicine and healing space in the heart of Springwood.