TIME: 6:15PM – 7:15PM


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Introducing your host, Rachel:

It is our pleasure for you to meet our incredibly experienced sperm expert… These days, Rachel spends a lot of time thinking about and studying all things to do with sperm. Yup, when you know you have a talent for something you just have to flow with it and Rachel just seems to innately understand how to optimise male health to create healthy babies.

Perhaps Rachel’s passion for male fertility is partly due to growing up with six brothers… Though, at the heart of it, Rachel expresses that a big part of her mission within her medicine, is to lighten the load of her many female clients struggling to get their partners to change anything to improve their sperm, and ultimately their own chances of having a baby.

It didn’t take Rachel long after entering the fertility space to realise that male fertility was being largely overlooked. She saw female clients who were doing everything they could to optimise their own fertility and get pregnant, but ultimately were dealing with sperm issues that were just not getting the same (and much needed) attention.

It still frustrates the hell out of Rachel that women often take on more than their share of the burden in the face of fertility challenges, so you could say she is passionate about evening up the playing field, and empowering the guys to step up with evidence based tools and strategies.

A big part of Rachel’s work is spent educating her male fertility clients on the tried and tested ways they can improve their sperm, and encouraging them to stay consistent, day-to-day, for the fastest results possible. She is the ultimate sperm coach.

Event Details:

Practical, research-based tips anyone can do to make better sperm.

Fertility is a couple’s issue, and sperm quality is equally important to egg quality when it comes to making a healthy baby.

Luckily there is a wealth of research on sperm parameters and factors which can either help or hinder sperm.

Rachel is passionate about helping couple’s and empowering guys with practical tools and information to help them achieve their goal of making a healthy baby sooner.

This free, 60 minute session is jam packed with helpful tips that apply to everyone.

Spaces limited, book your spot now (partners are very welcome) 🙂

No need to bring anything specific, just yourselves and a pen/paper if you wish!

If there is anything you would like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to reach out via email: info@springacupuncture.com
We look forward to seeing you and introducing you to our beautiful medicine and healing space in the heart of Springwood.

~ Rachel x