Mother Medicine

Mother medicine is guided by source, and accesses physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and soul body wisdom. Mother medicine meets you where you are at on your Matrescence journey from pre-conception through to motherhood. It is deep healing; it is transformative. Read more about the spiritual and energetic journey of Matrescence below.

Mother Medicine is intuitively guided and is an integration of:

  • Reiki transmission (including auric field cleansing, cord cutting and psychic surgery)
  • Guided visualisation and meditation
  • Somatic practices
  • Guided journalling and automatic writing
  • Crystal dousing and healing
  • Channelling from Spirit/Guides

A Brief and General Overview About Reiki:

Reiki is a form of energy healing that originated in Japan and is based on the concept of universal life force energy. It involves the transfer of this energy through the hands of a practitioner to the recipient, promoting healing and balance on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. When this life force energy flows freely, it supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself. This process clears energy blockages, enhance the flow of energy, and restore harmony to the body’s energy fields. Reiki is often used to reduce stress, alleviate pain, and promote overall well-being, working holistically to support the individual’s health and spiritual growth.

The ‘Why’ of Mother Medicine – Based on where you are in Matrescence

Throughout the Journey:

  • Processing past pregnancy or birth-related trauma
  • Processing of past trauma (childhood, family of origin, ancestral)
  • Sourcing ‘safety’ and ‘trust’ within the body
  • Navigating fear and uncertainty
  • Learning to connect with maternal wisdom/intuition
  • Development of rituals to support energetic alignment


Specific to where you are at:


  • Coping with past conception and/or pregnancy related grief and loss
  • Energetic clearing/nourishment/support for the sex organs
  • Parasympathetic nervous system support to enhance fertility
  • Accessing arousal and desire states

Early Pregnancy

  • Energetic nourishment for the heart and womb
  • Coping with past conception and/or pregnancy related grief and loss
  • Parasympathetic nervous system support to promote deep rest

Late Pregnancy and Birth

  • Emotional and energetic birth planning
  • Connection to bodily sensations with safety
  • Management of fear and pain to support birth physiology
  • Alleviation of pain and discomfort
  • Exploring/understanding/clearing energetic birth blocks
  • Connecting with baby

New Motherhood

  • Restoration/nourishment of the parasympathetic nervous system (support for
  • fluctuation of mood states)
  • Pain relief for birth-related injuries
  • Birth trauma processing
  • Re-connecting with the post-birthing body
  • Mindfulness techniques to connect with baby

The Spiritual and Energetic Journey of Matrescence

Matrescence, the process of becoming a mother, encompasses the complex physical, emotional, social, and psychological changes a woman undergoes during the transition to motherhood. However, the spiritual and energetic aspects of Matrescence are profoundly significant and often underemphasized in traditional health care models. These dimensions offer a deeply enriching experience that can transform a woman’s journey through motherhood.

The Spiritual Dimension of Matrescence

The spiritual aspect of Matrescence is a deeply enriching dimension of the motherhood journey. It encompasses a profound transformation of identity, an enhanced sense of connection and intuition, the creation of meaningful rituals, opportunities for healing and growth, and the fostering of a supportive community. Embracing these spiritual elements can lead to a more fulfilling and empowered experience of motherhood, allowing women to navigate this significant life transition with grace and wisdom.

Identity Transformation and Spiritual Rebirth

Just as a child is born, mothers experience a rebirth of their own identity. This can manifest as a spiritual rebirth, where they emerge with a renewed sense of self that is more aligned with their core values and true nature. This transformation is not merely about adapting to new roles and responsibilities; it’s about discovering a deeper, more authentic self.

Profound Connection and Oneness

The experience of creating and nurturing life fosters a profound sense of interconnectedness. Many mothers report feeling a deeper connection not only to their child but also to the greater web of life. This sense of oneness can extend to a broader spiritual connection with nature, the universe, or a higher power. The bond between mother and child is often perceived as sacred, a spiritual connection that transcends physical existence, rooted in unconditional love and mutual growth.

Enhanced Intuition and Inner Wisdom

Matrescence often heightens a woman’s intuition. The nurturing instinct and the ability to attune to the needs of their child can also enhance their overall intuitive abilities. This spiritual aspect can lead to a deeper trust in their inner wisdom and instincts. Many mothers find themselves turning inward for guidance during challenging times, accessing a wellspring of inner wisdom that supports their journey. This introspective practice can be seen as a spiritual discipline, fostering a stronger connection to their inner self.

Healing and Transformation

The process of Matrescence can bring up unresolved issues from a woman’s past, offering an opportunity for deep healing. Addressing these wounds can be a profoundly spiritual experience, leading to personal growth and transformation. The love a mother feels for her child often acts as a catalyst for spiritual growth, fostering qualities like compassion, patience, and selflessness.

Connection to Lineage and Ancestors

Becoming a mother can also deepen a woman’s connection to her lineage and ancestors. Honouring the legacy of those who came before can be a powerful spiritual practice, offering a sense of continuity and rootedness. This connection can provide a profound sense of belonging and identity, enriching the spiritual journey of Matrescence.

Embracing the Spiritual Journey

The spiritual and energetic dimensions of Matrescence are deeply enriching aspects of the motherhood journey. Embracing these elements can lead to a more fulfilling and empowered experience, allowing women to navigate this significant life transition with grace and wisdom. By recognizing and honouring the spiritual transformation of Matrescence, mothers can foster a deeper connection to themselves, their children, and the world around them, cultivating a life of profound spiritual depth and meaning.


In recognizing and embracing the spiritual journey of Matrescence, we honour the full spectrum of what it means to become a mother, ensuring that women are supported not only physically and emotionally but also spiritually and energetically. This holistic approach can transform the experience of motherhood, making it a journey of deep personal and spiritual growth.

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